About Avila Music School


The Avila Music School is a not-for-profit registered charitable organization that promotes music education. Avila embodies a co-operative of outstanding musician / teachers who, for a nominal monthly fee, rent studio space from the Avila Music School. Each teacher has his/her own students and fee structure and contracts with the student/parent for payment of those fees in exchange for music lessons.


    Our teachers enthusiastically share a love of music. All instruction is individual and given by exceptional, experienced, Avila-approved musician/teachers who embrace the Avila experience and stellar reputation. Most of our teachers are experienced classroom teachers, from pre-school to university levels, thus providing sound, quality instruction in a nurturing environment. Avila Music School remains open to accept qualified teachers who require studio space. For those with limited experience, a mentor program will ensure the success of both new teachers and students. Particularly welcome are teachers of guitar, woodwinds and brass. When not in use for lessons, studios are available for practice for a small fee.


    All ages and abilities are welcome! Our students consist of young beginners, those who are studying for their teacher’s or performance diplomas, and those who have completed university and wish to improve their technique or expand their performance repertoire. Most students begin piano and violin lessons when they are around 5 or 6 years old and are beginning to read. We welcome adults who may have had no or minimal musical training in the past. Many come to fulfill a lifelong dream after their children have left home. Since we are a group, families may wish to have siblings taking lessons simultaneously with different teachers in different studios. This shortens the wait time for parents.


    • Exceptionally talented, professional instructors
    • Solid grounding in technique and performance instruction in piano, guitar, violin, voice, harp, theory, history
    • Professionally maintained pianos in each studio
    • Reasonable fees
    • Flexible schedules (all lessons are individual, one on one)
    • Supporter of city funded Pro Kids program
    • Memorial Library
    • Warm, welcoming environment for all ages and levels
    • On-site free parking available, and a location on a major bus route.

    *Learn about 0ur Fees click here

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Why should you go to Avila Music School?

  • Avila is a music school that focuses on private lessons for people of almost all ages. Most children begin weekly lessons after the age five, when basic literacy skills of reading, left to right directionality and some social/emotional maturity has been established. Alternately, people return to lessons as an adult simply for pleasure. We often hear of the regret, “Why did my parents let me quit lessons when I was a kid?”. Still others, older adults, enjoy the companionship of learning with others and sharing their playing of familiar pieces, such as duets, with our teachers or students or their own family. We have all read of the benefits of music for the brain; it is well documented that learning a new language or learning an instrument creates and maintains valuable brain pathways. The expectation is that a student remains with their teacher for the school year (September to June). During this time weekly lessons allow for Avila teachers to use the best possible teaching method books and other resources at our disposal that best suit the individual.

  • Avila offers what no other music school in Thunder Bay does! Our teachers have an extensive education and/or experience teaching. Just because you can play at a Grade Six or Grade Eight level, does not mean you are able to teach an instrument. We have a standard of teaching and are proud of it. The science of teaching is called pedagogy. The advantage for our teachers is that when a question arises regarding the teaching of a particular skill or concept, we have the expertise of the teachers around us, as well as the library resources, to address a student’s needs. Avila provides a place whereby teachers and students can collaborate. We also have knowledge of the music instruction in and around Thunder Bay; we assist students in finding the resources or teachers they need. We are professionals. We are committed to providing the quality of teaching and instruction that was instilled in us by the Sisters of St. Joseph. Since we have developed into a not-for-profit-charity, our resources are vast and we have a mandate to share those resources through our Avila Memorial Library with everyone.

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