Avila Music School in Thunder Bay Opens Memorial Library

Avila Music School in Thunder Bay believes that music is something that should be shared and loved by everybody, and to further promote music education, we established the Avila School Memorial Library that opened early September. The library aims to hold an extensive collection of print music and resource materials like books on music history, theory, and pedagogy, among many others.

We also envision it as an opportunity for retired and retiring musicians, teachers, and students to donate their private collections and leave a lasting legacy to the community. Donors will receive income tax receipts for their collections’ current value and donor seals will be placed on the items they give.

As music teachers start off their careers using the music they have learned and are used to, students are somewhat limited as far as the scope of the lessons are concerned. This is something that we aim to address once the Memorial Library is in full swing to broaden the selection of music.

Another pressing concern that should be dealt with is the availability and cost of music in the Thunder Bay area.
With two recent local music stores that provided printed music scores closing down, musicians within the community are forced to source and order from outside of Thunder Bay, which, consequentially, makes it more expensive. Since music comes from outside, there is no chance that we are able to screen them or try them out before purchasing, so an extensive collection in the library will help to make sure students are playing music they enjoy.

Since it will be open to the public, students and music lovers will get to borrow music sheets for piano, organ, and voice. All teachers, students, and music enthusiasts from Northern Ontario are invited to register for an annual fee of $30 and will receive a patron card. The collected fees will then be used for the maintenance of the library and repair of dilapidated books and other resources. This project would not have been possible without the support and funding provided by The Ontario Trillium Foundation. In 2012, Avila Music School was the recipient of an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant which allowed us to begin our lending library by providing resources to fund and promote the library.

The library will also compliment the school’s existing offerings, particularly our private music lessons for both children and adults. We offer violin, harp, flute, voice, piano and guitar lessons in Thunder Bay as well as many other instruments. If the instrument you’re interested in isn’t listed here, call in and ask and we’ll see if we can arrange it for you! We also boast of our exceptionally talented teachers, some of which are members of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association (ORMTA).

So if you simply love music and are keen on improving your musical skills, take a look at what Avila Music School has to offer. Keep on visiting our site for more information on our lessons and updates on the Memorial Library’s opening.

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