How much do lessons cost?

In accordance with all music schools, prices for lessons vary according to the instrument taught, as well as the education and experience of the teacher. Students at Avila are expected to pay a once-yearly registration fee of $35. Lesson times may be 30, 45 or 60 minutes. Each teacher sets and collects his or her own fees. Lessons may be subsidized by ProKids, a department of the City of Thunder Bay.


Do I have to pay all at once?

Lesson fees are usually paid to the teacher in three instalments for the year. Alternately, students may make separate payment arrangements with their own teacher. We accept a series of post-dated cheques (each for about 10 lessons).


Are all music teachers qualified?

There are no official regulations in Ontario to teach music. Anyone can call themselves a qualified teacher – even if they have had only a handful of lessons, or are self- taught. At Avila our teachers have many years of extensive conservatory and university music training. Most are members of O.R.M.T.A. which is the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association. This is a well-respected group who continues to promote the highest standard in teaching music.


What ages are the students?

We love students of almost all ages! If students are very young (ages 1 through 5), we often suggest other resources in Thunder Bay.  Mostly, our students are elementary, high school students and adults. It is never too late to start music lessons!


Do you have to take exams and play in recitals and the music festival?

All of our teachers can prepare students for Royal Conservatory, Conservatory Canada or other Examinations. We encourage participation in student recitals or the Music Festival – but they are optional. For many students these goals encourage better progress – but for others they create too much stress. Students progress at their own rate and the teacher and parent decide together what activities will be most beneficial. We also encourage duets or performing at various venues in and around the Thunder Bay area, ie. senior citizen homes and Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre.


Do you have rental instruments?

We rent some instruments to students registered at Avila. The type of instruments vary on availability. 


Do you sell pianos and other instruments?

We generally do not sell other instruments but are always happy to give purchasing advice.


Will you take our old piano or organ?

We are receiving weekly requests to accept donations of century old pianos. Unfortunately the cost to move them here and then into someone’s home often exceeds their value. Most of them are also not worth restoring. Organs have generally been replaced with keyboards and we are not able to find new homes for old organs. For good quality newer pianos we are always pleased to accept them as donations and can issue tax-receipts for these, or other instruments. In some cases we will consider purchasing a good quality used piano.

If you have any questions feel free to call (807)623-9398 or email avilamusicschool@gmail.com