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  • Exceptionally talented, professional instructors with solid grounding in technique and performance instruction in piano, violin, voice, harp, theory, and history
  • Professionally maintained pianos in each studio with reasonable fees and flexible schedules (all lessons are individual, one on one)
  • Supporter of city funded Pro Kids program: Avila Music School Memorial Library
  • Easy access to all resources and student recitals and a warm welcoming environment for all ages and levels
  • Practice studios are available
  • On-site free parking available and on the bus route
  • Some teachers are ORMTA members, others are working towards their ORMTA designation, and other teachers have over 25 years experience

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Instruments We Teach

*Note – all music lessons in the Thunder Bay area are taught on an individual, not group, basis.
We suggest that the students practice equal to the length of their lesson five-seven times per week.


Piano instruction is given on an individual basis on acoustic pianos. Many different methods are available and each teacher is responsible for selecting and directing the program that an individual needs.  Piano instruction focuses on learning the staff, note reading and related concepts. Students are expected to have a piano at home to practice.  Students are expected to practice daily at home.


If you are the kind of person you likes technology and tweaking things, the world of electric guitar offers an infinite selection of gear to choose from.  Amplifiers, effects pedals, and pickups are all things you can mix, match, and manipulate to create any tone you could possibly imagine.  Even acoustic guitars, which are fairly simple in nature, offer an exciting variety of sound through all sorts of wood combinations.  Whether it be spruce, cedar, mahogany, rosewood, or koa, eventually you will tune into the tone and ‘colour’ that best suits you playing style and preference.  No matter where you go, guitar players always obsess about TONE.  It is a journey in and of itself to find your desired tone, to learn and understand what sounds truly excite you and why.


In depth lessons are offered, which include learning about the instrument, and being trained in proper positioning, bowing and extensive aural work. Additionally, note reading and ear training are included in weekly lessons. The rates are competively priced for stimulating violin lessons  that are only found at Avila.

The instructor offers a free initial meeting to explore if violin is the right instrument for you. There is no commiment involved at this point for the first lesson and a violin is not needed for the first meeting. The teacher is able to provide assistance in sizing and finding a quality violin for you at an affordable price.

Playing the violin can increase motor skills and coordination, lower stress, improve concentration, and strengthen memory. Come and enjoy the music and associated benefits of playing this beautiful sounding instrument.


Bel Canto – ‘Bel canto’ is the Italian vocal technique and style of the 18th and early 19th centuries, with  emphasis on beauty of sound, thus the term which literally means ‘beautiful singing’. More specifically, it is the method of singing a line of music with great ‘legato’ or smoothness. It is a highly artistic technique and the only proper one for Italian opera and Mozart. Legato phrasing, a rounded tone and immaculate articulation are just three to mention. What is important is the foundation that this method can provide for a strong vocal technique for ANY KIND of singing. This does not mean that anyone exposed to ‘bel canto’ will sound like an opera singer. The principles’ of ‘bel canto’ benefit everyone.


Avila works in conjunction with Janelle Lemire, from Duluth, to instruct individual students in Thunder Bay.  Ms. Lemire works with students of all ages and assists in harp rentals of an appropriate size for younger students.  Lessons are often pre-scheduled on a monthly basis.


Flute instruction is offered to learners of all ages and stages–beginners through advanced students, aged 7 to 77-plus!  Lessons are geared to the level and interests of the individual student.  A wide variety of repertoire and study materials are used to ensure that fundamentals are learned and reinforced, while the student advances and broadens his or her musical horizons.

Avila may even handle more types of music lessons for the Thunder Bay area soon, so if you don’t see something you’re interested in on the list, call us and ask about it! We might have something available for you currently or coming soon. To read more about Avila specifically, head to our homepage here: music school

Did You Know…

…”a child is excused from attendance at school, if he/she is absent from school for the purpose of receiving instruction in music and the period of absence does not exceed one-half day in any week.”

– Section 6. (sub-sec.2.) of The Private Music Teacher & The School Administration Act

Parents wishing this privilege for their children are advised to discuss this matter with their children’s school teachers and principal. The ORMTA is proud to have been a driving force behind obtaining this privilege.