Guitar Lessons

Heading to Avila for guitar lessons in Thunder Bay is the best way to learn how to play what is arguably the most versatile instrument there is. The guitar is capable of a vast palette of sounds which can keep a person amused for a lifetime. Electric as well as acoustic guitars lend themselves well to nearly every style and nuance of music; not to mention they always look ‘cool’! Small enough to carry on your back wherever you go, a guitar can become your best friend, taking on a personality of its own and becoming something you can always turn to when feeling inspired or even lonely.
If you are the kind of person who likes technology and tweaking things, the world of electric guitar offers an infinite selection of gear to choose from. Amplifiers, effects pedals, and pickups are all things you can mix, match, and manipulate to create any tone you could possibly imagine. Even acoustic guitars, which are fairly simple in nature, offer an exciting variety of sound through all sorts of wood combinations. Whether it is spruce, cedar, mahogany, rosewood, or koa, eventually you will tune into the tone and ‘colour’ that best suits you playing style and preference. No matter where you go, guitar players always obsess about TONE. It is a journey in and of itself to find your desired tone, to learn and understand what sounds truly excite you and why.
There are various techniques that are applied to the guitar; using a pick for strumming and picking, using the fingers in different ways, and sometimes even using the guitar as a percussive instrument. Different techniques elicit different sounds from the instrument and can be applied to any type of guitar you prefer, whether it be electric, acoustic, or even bass guitar.
For those players who perhaps don’t resonate with the sounds of contemporary Rock and Pop music, there are numerous other avenues to explore with respect to guitar. For instance, in the Classical domain there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of works to choose from spanning everything from keyboard sonatas to violin partitas. Just about anything can be transcribed to fit on the guitar and sound surprisingly good. Baroque cello suites and Romantic Spanish piano music make up some of the favourite repertoire among classical guitarists.
So between sheer tonal variety, numerous applicable techniques, and endless repertoire, choosing to study the guitar is a decision you’ll likely never regret. It is truly something that can be enjoyed at any degree and enrich your life overall.
To sign up or even ask a question about guitar lessons in Thunder Bay, the number to call is 807-623-9398. To check out lessons for other instruments, click onto our music lessons page.