The Avila Music School in Thunder Bay Opens Memorial Library

Thunder Bay, Ontario (September 26, 2013) – The Avila Music School in Thunder Bay has recently opened its memorial library, which holds a large collection of print music and resource materials.

The library allows students to pursue their passion for music beyond their lessons because of the extensive resources available to them. By having an extensive resource of musical lessons available at the library, students will no longer need to rely on their teachers for additional lessons. Moreover, they can study and try different kinds of music without the need to purchase unfamiliar music. This project would not have been possible without the support and funding provided by The Ontario Trillium Foundation. In 2012, Avila Music School was the recipient of an Ontario Trillium Foundation grant which allowed us to begin our lending library by providing resources to fund and promote the library.

The library is open to students, teachers, and to the public as well. An annual membership fee of $30 provides a patron card, which serves as their library access. These funds will serve to maintain the collection.

Retired and retiring musicians, teachers, and students are encouraged to donate music books and other materials. This way, they will not only help other aspiring musicians and music enthusiasts to hone their skills but will also leave a lasting legacy to the community.

The construction of the memorial library is part of Avila Music School’s commitment to promote music education in Thunder Bay and the surrounding areas. As a not-for-profit registered charitable organization, they represent a cooperative of dedicated musicians and teachers who rent studio space in the school. Each teacher sets a fee structure for students in exchange for music lessons in the Thunder Bay area.

To ensure the success of both new teachers and students, they accept qualified teachers who require studio space and provide a mentor program for instructors with limited experience. Their music instructors offer lessons in several instruments, such as piano, guitar, flute, violin, voice, and harp.

Avila Music School welcomes students of all ages and abilities. To learn more about their fees and schedules, visit the homepage at today.

About the Avila Music School

The school is highly regarded as one of the best sources for piano and guitar lessons in Thunder Bay. Founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph in 1970, they have undergone extensive reorganization and restructuring to introduce a wider range of instruments and the development of a music library. Today, they have remained to be the benefactors of the Sisters’ legacy of excellence in teaching. A number of their proficient teachers are members of the Ontario Registered Music Teachers’ Association (ORMTA).

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