Jordan Elecheson

JORDAN ELCHESON- guitar (B. Ed, HB mus)

Jordan is one of the more experienced and educated guitar teachers in town.  Having taught locally for over a decade, earned music and education degrees, and even toured the country with a well-known singer/songwriter, Jordan has accumulated much valuable experience and skill that he is eager to share with his students.

Jordan can offer insight into acoustic and electric guitar styles, music theory, songwriting, and performance practices.  Typically going above and beyond in his lessons, Jordan has proved himself as a worthy and respected teacher as some of his students have stayed with him for 5 or more years at a time.  A few lessons with Jordan and it becomes clear that playing guitar can be a great deal of enjoyment, no matter what your age or level of skill.

When not teaching guitar, Jordan can be found recording music in his home studio.  He is currently busy working on various Alternative and Classical based projects.